Around 3000Yen Kyoto Hostel / Ryokan. Budget Inn Kyoto, Tour Club Kyoto and Crossroads Inn are listed.

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Kyoto Hostel / Ryokan around 3000Yen- Ryokan style hostel in Kyoto.

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Kyoto Hostel / Ryokan -Around 3000Yen Hostel / Ryokan in Kyoto, Japan
Capsule Ryokan - Ryokan Ensuite 3,990yen/pp (2ppl), Tatami Capsule 3,500yen/pp
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Capsule Ryokan Kyoto 'Old Japanese charm with modern convenience' Tatami floors and traditional style doors blend with modern fittings and sleek shower and toilet facilities in a way that can only happen in Japan.
Capsule Ryokan Kyoto
Prices: Ryokan Ensuite 7,980yen, Tatami Capsule 3,500yen
Facilities/Services: Internet, Laundry, Free Coffee, No Curfew
Check Availability>> (Inquiry will be sent to Capsule Ryokan directly.)

Budget Inn Kyoto - Private 2,996 yen/pp (5ppl use) -3,660 yen/pp (3ppl use)
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Kyoto Ryokan Budget Inn Kyoto GuesthouseTastefully decorated Brand-New guesthouse with very friendly, English speaking staff. This one is the nearest to Kyoto Station (6mins walk). All rooms have shower and toilet inside. Kyoto Ryokan-style Guesthouse
Prices: Triple-10,980yen, Quad-12,980yen, Five-14,980yen
Facilities/Services: Internet, Laundry, Free Coffee, No Curfew
Check Availability>> (Inquiry will be sent to Budget Inn directly.)

Tour Club Kyoto - Dorm 2,333yen+5%tax=2,450yen
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Kyoto hostel-accommodation Tour Club Kyoto hostelsThis new Japanese style guesthouse (with Zen garden) is already described in many guidebooks(LP, RG and etc) as by far the best guesthouse in Kyoto. Only a 9mins walk from the Kyoto Station.
All Japanese private rooms have shower and toilet inside.Kyoto Hostel
Prices: Dorm- 2,450yen, Double/Twin-6,980/7,770yen, Triple-9,720yen
Facilities/Services: Internet, Bicycle, Laundry, Free Coffee
Check Availability>> (Inquiry will be sent to Tour Club directly.)

Crossroads Inn Kyoto - Single 3,810yen+5%tax=4,000yen
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Crossroads Inn - Ryokan/Hostel in KyotoThis cozy inn is located in a quiet, old traditional entertainment area, a short distance west of Kyoto Station. Crossroads offers visitors to Kyoto a wonderful and warm place to stay.
Prices: Single- 4,000yen, Twin-7,350yen, Triple-10,400yen
Facilities/Services: Common bath & toilet
Reservation Inquiry>> (Inquiry will be sent to Crossroads directly.)
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The Furnished Apartment Kyoto - For long term stay
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Kyoto Furnished ApartmentThis new furnished apartment is located in downtown Kyoto. Only a 5 mins walk from Gojo Station.
All rooms are ensuite, air-conditioned and have kitchinett inside.Furnished Apartment
Prices: See details, available from one week stay
Facilities/Services: Wifi, Laundry, Free Air-con
Check Availability>> (Inquiry will be sent to apartment directly.)

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Around 3000Yen Kyoto Ryokan style hostel. Budget Inn Kyoto, Tour Club Kyoto and Crossroads Inn are listed.

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